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The Oil Cooperative

About Us

What’s The Oil Cooperative you ask? We are a group of happy individuals from east to west, north to south, who are embracing a non-toxic, healthy lifestyle. We use drug-less plant-based products to support our health, around our house and with our families.

We are educators. We work together to help our team (our “Coop”) learn how to use plant-based support safely.

We are friends. We support each other in the endeavor for optimal health and wellness.

We are empowered. We believe in being active, educated and confident in our pursuit of optimal health and wellness.

We are independent business owners. When we succeed, we succeed together. Even though we each have our own health + wellness business, we support each other. Our mission is aligned – to put essential oils in the house of every family in the world.

We encourage you to get to know our members, learn about essential oils and join our free community today!

Why You Should Join Us

Welcome to The Oil Cooperative. We are just regular people who take extra (well-worth it!) efforts to remove toxins from our lives. We use essential-oil based products to live clean, healthy and happy.

Essential oils are not a recent trend or fad. They’ve been around for centuries. We are just getting back to appreciating what plants can truly do for us.

Our team is called The Oil Cooperative. Hang out with us for awhile and come join us. You'll find a cooperative of support and guidance as you embark on this new holistic journey of wellness.

Our community is invite-only, open to our current essential oil members and individuals interested in joining our team!

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